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Steve Gordon

I'm not a fan of social media. This website is just a place to collect together cycling & sportive events, links to live tracking, as well as a few photos of skydiving, power kite flying, canoeing and photography.

Fit file conversions

This tool will convert a garmin .fit file into a .gpx file, including corrupted files. The gpx file will contain heart rate and cadence data if present in the fit file. The tool attempts to cope with corrupt fit files, by ignoring any data that appears to be invalid, and attempting to find the next piece of valid data.

Old Hobbies

Here are a few old photos from my canoeing, skydiving, and power kite flying days.


Web Hosting

Web Hosting, design, domain registration, email addresses.

Cost effective services from SGR Engineering Ltd.

Gordon Racing

Stock Hatch Racing, in an SGR Peugeot 106 XSi, and a Ford Fiesta XR2

Competitive racing in the UK with Steve Gordon.